Missy Rockz

Online Start-up with Offline Follow-up

“As sexy as high heels and as comfy as sports shoes,” is how the styles from young Dresden shoe label MISSY ROCKZ are described by their originators. These “Sport High Heels” boast sharp heels measuring a good 10 centimetres while claiming to offer the same wear comfort as sneakers. Starting up online in 2015 the company’s off-beat designs are now set to head offline into specialist retail.

“MISSY ROCKZ brings you a shoe trend that makes anything possible: Sport High Heels. Lift yourself up from the masses, be individual and stand on stylish feet,” proclaims the young Dresden shoe label at its online shop. The idea looks sharp: combining comfy sports shoes and hot high heels has little to do with real sporting activities. The shoes are really aimed at “an extrovert, trend-conscious target group aged 18 to 45”. The company came into existence in July 2015. Until now the shoes were only sold online but now Sport High Heels are also to find their way onto the shelves of bricks and mortar shoe shops.

MISSY ROCKZ has its sights on establishing itself as a trendy brand on the international market. The name is a combination of "MISSY", the nickname of founder and owner Fanny Mißbach, and the invented term "ROCKZ” standing as a synonym for strength, determination and self-confidence. Sport High Heels are staged with their claim “everything is possible”, with comical and sometimes provocative advertising messages conveying sexy style and physical fitness as well as a sensible diet. And by company accounts, the concept is working – with orders received from throughout Germany as well as now, ever more often, also from France, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands.

Today, the start-up style “STREET ROCKZ” is available as a basic in many colours like flamingo pink, electric blue and neon coral. With their new designs the company has always been democratic. Fans can vote for their favourite from a choice of eight proposed designs. For instance, in Autumn 2015 the “COVER UP” High Heel, adorned with a magazine print, won the honours going on sale in Spring 2016. With nearly 600 likes “Sparkling Gold” was recently selected to go into production. The advertising banner for these glamorous gold and black shoes currently reads “Coming Soon”. And this suits the shoes. The style is already crystallising as a future sales hit on social media. The names of the newly developed styles to feature for the first time at the forthcoming GDS also sound imaginative and promising – including “Welcome on Board”, “Purple Sandstorm” and “Secret Rainbow”.

The lovingly and elaborately made designs are easy to recognise thanks to features running across all styles such as air vents in the toe section, shoe tongues with sports look labelling and six-hole lacing. The 10.5 cm “Sneaker Heels” inject elegance. The inner padding is described as comparable with that of a high-quality sports shoe. The soft edging in a breathable mesh envelops the foot, provides better balance and increases wear comfort. The uppers and deck soles are made of synthetic materials and the outer sole is made of rubber. The shoes are available in continental sizes 35 to 42. Recommended retail prices range between Euro 99 and Euro 130.

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Text: Özlem Agildere