A Quantum of Chaos
The Spanish label Nicemess offers unconventional shoes for unconventional men and women. The design team creates, discovers, tests, mixes and questions every detail with passion. A little creative chaos is the order of the day until every aspect about a style is really right – after all “a nice mess”.  

If you dig laced espadrilles and all the associated classic features they come with, which rest on thick rubber soles sporting block stripes with a futurist feel, then you will love and will be warmly welcomed to the world of the Spanish footwear label Nicemess. Unconventional styles characterise the look and unconventional women and men are also the target group. And the development of the styles is just as unconventional.  

The brand name alone suggests a fair deal of irony and does not contain the term “mess” by accident. Nicemess styles are the result of passion and acceptance of a little bit of creative chaos in the process. The team designs, discovers, tests, mixes, questions and does not rest until every little detail is right. Things get serious though when it comes to quality. No compromises are accepted there. Each last and every individual manufacturing step is controlled by experienced shoemakers. Only high-quality materials and finest leather are used.

The home country Spain is referred to as the “base camp” – the company is headquartered in the epicentre of the footwear industry, Elche in the Alicante province – and the Made in Spain label is a quality borne with pride. What characterises Nicemess at the end of the day is their cosmopolitan approach and international product. The team is constantly “on the hunt” for the best ideas, materials and details around the globe.

The masterminds behind the products do not expect everyone to like their creations. They appeal to their “audience” with innovative and spectacular designs that catch the eye, are on everyone’s lips and at times also look quite daring. Mainstream does not stand a chance with them. Trends are observed and “assimilated” rather than copied.  For women’s shoes particular attention is attached to unmistakable silhouettes. After all, the focus is on addressing self-willed women who coordinate their outfits in a self-determined way and with a touch of originality. For men a pioneering spirit prevails – forward-looking shapes with “out-of-the-box” styling.  

Spring/Summer 2017 will see the collection feed on a smart and sporty luxury look with a performance element. Slim, straightforward sandals, smart loafers and magnificent sneakers are made for an unforgettable summer.
In evidence are techno wovens, lavish trims, decorations and featherweight soles.  
The leather uppers include high-quality, full-grain leather with a distinct, natural grain, various metallics, buttersoft suede and woven leather. Fabrics come in the form of linen and raffia. Airy mesh, Lycra, neoprene and stretchy upper materials feature among the effects with a technical slant. The soft leather linings are lavishly decorated. The functional hipness of the outsoles is occasionally juxtaposed by linen or raffia piping. The preferred colours include black, white, army green, lemon and royal blue while silver, platinum and tin serve as metallics.

At GDS you can find Nicemess in hall 4, E41
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Text: Özlem Agildere
Photo: Nicemess