Perfect without Perfection

Spanish label Neosens would like to convey the joie de vivre of its home region La Rioja to the whole world with the claim “Original shoes from La Rioja”. For those behind the label a perfect shoe only embodies this spirit when it is not perfect. In the collection for Spring/Summer 2017 nature serves as a source for inspiration.

Like the country so the shoe – the Neosens label belongs to the Spanish firm Life Concept S.L. and is located in the La Rioja region. The landscape is characterised by tradition and innovation, by fields, woods, wine estates, a romantic mood and delightful light. The positive joie de vivre of this homeland is set to fill the world with the claim “Original shoes from La Rioja”, whether this is Europe, America, Africa or Asia, on the feet of both men and women. The age of the target groups plays no role here, nor the culture they come from either.

The styles exude organic variety. Which is why no pair looks exactly like any other. A shoe is only perfect when it is not perfect, when it is “perfectly imperfect”, as those behind it call it. This individual look is achieved by the use of natural materials and techniques that make the leather age and special hand-dye finishes.

The 2017 Spring/Summer collection draws its inspiration from the natural flair and lightness of the summer. The result is a harmonious blend of purism, design and skilled craftsmanship. Minimalistic lines and simple-looking fastening solutions characterise the style. Heels are flat or come in comfy heights. Classic shapes are not neglected. New superlight soles provide ever more lightness and comfort. The favoured metal colour rose gold creates a classy look with buckles and decorative details.

Neutral earth tones and natural green hues are combined with dark brown or red alongside delicate pastel shades. New designs decorate natural leather with a matt surface in the form of prints. As highlights stylised floral patterns in bright colours as well as baroque floral trims and curved heel shapes create striking effects.

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Text: Özlem Agildere
Photo: Neosens