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Arrels Barcelona
„Upbeat Shoes“

Young Barcelona brand Arrels has made it its task to create shoes for an “energetic and optimistic start to your day”.  Founded in 2015 and only on the market for just under a year the brand has seen rapid growth and has until now been able to win over more than 50 retailers on three continents as its trading partners. The unusual cooperations entered into by Arrels to design special collections are not least a likely reason for this.

Positive energy and joie de vivre were the forces driving the two cousins Javier und Pepe Llaudet to found the Arrels Barcelona brand. Their motto: “Arrels means getting up on the right side of the bed for an energetic and optimistic start to your day.”  The brand name in Catalan means “roots” which is a hint to the tradition behind the brand. Because the Llaudet family is firmly rooted in the Spanish textile industry so a love of fashion, more specifically shoe fashion, is in Javier and Pepe’s blood. The family tradition is combined with modern impulses and a range of creative influences – with frequent collaborations with acclaimed artists injecting a breath of fresh air.

For the 2017 Spring/Summer season the cousins have now designed their second collection. This perpetuates the motto of the brand that sees itself as an “attitude to life in shoe form”. The collection comprises the four styles Camping, Slip On, Lace Up and Bootie and is presented in 40 different variations. These feature designs by various artists including the Northern Irish Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson.

The young artist was born with achromatopsia, a rare colour vision disorder resulting in an ability to only distinguish contrasts, i.e. dark and light. So Harbisson sees the world in grey tones. However, with the help of a special brain implant in the form of an antenna the artist can “hear” colours. The implant receives the frequency of a colour and turns it into a sound – which means every colour has a specific sound. Harbisson’s perception of the world has fundamentally changed ever since: “In the past I wanted to look good, now I also want to sound good.” Another collaboration partner is the parfumeur Nasevo who has given the shoes their own fragrance. This means the styles in the 2017 Spring/Summer collection are “shoes that touch the senses”. Their style is inspiring and thrives on the joyfulness of the colours that embody Mediterranean joie de vivre. The shoes are 100% produced in Spain.

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