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Swiss Know-How Meets Neapolitan Craftsmanship

Based in Chiasso, the Swiss men’s shoe specialist Benelli can look back on more than 100 years of tradition, yet is extremely skilled at transporting this rich past into the here and now, with a style that is at once modern and classic. The shoes are produced by family-run artisan factories in Italy.

While Benelli is renowned for classic styles and extreme wearing comfort, the collection for the 2017 Spring/Summer season also brings a generous and refreshing dose of trendiness. Founded in 1914 by Amos Benelli, the Swiss family business originally specialized in the production of exclusive custom-made shoes, later adding cavalry boots and classic men’s shoes to their portfolio, which were delivered to the “most respected fashion boutiques in Europe”. Granddaughter Luisa Benelli currently manages the business in her grandfather’s footsteps, upholding his fundamental values. The know-how in the areas of design and comfort still comes from Switzerland, while the premium fabrication is handled by small family-run artisan factories in Naples.

The fashionable styles for the 2017 Spring/Summer season include sneakers ranging from functional to fun as low-tops, high-tops and slip-ons in trendy crust leather and bold colours — both of which can also be found on business lace-ups. While the initial impression is robust, the extraordinary lightness and softness of the shoes becomes noticeable when wearing. The Chelsea boot and its friends play a central role in the collection. Ankle boots become business shoes, creating a sleek, sober look. Braided variations, rounded lasts and bold colours such as red, blue and grey are perfect for the weekend. On many styles, a zipper replaces the typical elastic inserts. Innovative finishes add to the fresh look for these popular classics.

The crust leather car shoe is colourfully staged and decorated with laser engravings. Slippers are more rounded in summer. Braided and perforated leathers in warm colour schemes are especially airy and light, while business styles of chamois leather appear in summery blue, grey and beige tones with light micro-rubber soles. Biker boots of chamois leather and bold crust leather are available year-round. Last but not least, moccasins for women and men are offered in numerous variations with spike or crepe soles.

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Text: Özlem Agildere
Photo: Benelli