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Sheepskin boots have been worn Down Under for over a hundred years now and Warmbat is among Australia’s oldest lambskin boot factories. Since the 60s comfortable footwear made of high-quality materials has been manufactured here. To make the boots they use soles made of natural rubber and high-quality Australian merino wool. The wool’s special feature is its density as well as its refined quality. What’s more, it is temperature-regulating too. Warmbat stands for comfort, quality, fashion designs and innovative technology.

At GDS you can find Warmbat in hall 05 / H36

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la portegna

La Portegna

A photo album documenting a chance meeting between his grandmother and the legendary author Ernest Hemingway on a cruise to Bombay served as the inspiration prompting La Portegna founder Jose Urrutia to design luggage. Luggage that reflects the spirit of the early days of travel when it was still considered an adventure rather than racing as fast as possible from A to B. The collection stands out with its minimalist language of form as well as its use of refined materials. The portfolio of the Spanish label includes bags, shoes and small leather goods for women and men. All products are made using vegetable-tanned leather at two small workshops.

At GDS you can find La Portegna in hall 05 / A12

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miSter shoes

miSter Shoes 

Established by Miguel Villaescusa in 1969 Spanish shoe label miSter combines thorough handicraft know-how with classic styles boasting a modern twist. Its exquisite men’s shoes are handmade in the Castilian city of Almansa that looks back on hundreds of years of shoemaking. By company accounts, miSter Shoes now exports to 60 countries. The family business stays true to its handicraft traditions despite focusing on the future and current fashion trends. They also use extraordinary leather varieties such as eel and ostrich. The latest developments include styles suitable for orthopedic adjustments without looking like it.

At GDS you can find miSter Shoes in hall 5 / A12

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Cheaney & Sons

The tradition-rich British brand Cheaney & Sons looks back on a 130-year company history. Until this very day the complete collection is manufactured at the firm’s own workshop in Northampton – from the initial steps of leather cutting to the finishing touches. “Purely Made in England” is the motto. Alongside the classics for gentlemen Cheaney & Sons also offers a women’s collection. With the new Aviator line the spirit of the boots worn by Dick Cheaney as a pilot during World War II is transported to our day and age. Today, Cheaney & Sons is owned and managed by William and Jonathan Church, who have found a new challenge in Cheaney & Sons after selling Church’s Shoes.

At GDS you can find Cheaney & Sons in hall 5 / A12

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ivy laces


Ivylaces are premium shoe laces featuring one-off designs with a high-quality finish and matching the trendy anti-slip hairbands by Cologne accessory brand Ivy. They come in an innovative “Tubo” packaging with a golden clasp and its ends finished in high-quality metal with Ivylaces prints. The choice of extraordinary colour and pattern combinations ranges from glittering through monochrome to unusual animal prints.

You can find Ivylaces at GDS in hall 4 / D29

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The shoe styles of tradition-rich Italian brand Barracuda are characterised by craftsmanship, quality and passion. Founded in 1896 and part of the Fabi group since 2003, Barracuda has been synonymous for high quality and an inimitable signature design. Made in Italy, these hand-crafted women’s and men’s shoes stand out with their smart details and exciting material and colour combinations involving elaborately finished leather. The spectrum ranges from discreet to sophisticated – but lots of emphasis is always placed on the quality and finish of materials.

You can find Barracuda at GDS in Hall 5 / F35

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nira rubens

NiRa Rubens

Hand painted motifs including hearts, stars or leaves give every NiRa Rubens shoe a unique look and a hip, glamorous feel. These one-off artworks charmingly contrast with the clean-cut sneakers and bags of this Venetian label. More suspense is added by accentuated colour input and metallic elements. The range is completed by leather jackets and small leather articles with a refined finish.

You can find NiRa Rubens at GDS in Hall 5 / B32/B36

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1894 saw John, Thomas and William Loake lay the foundation stone for their shoe factory in the English Northampshire. Since then over 50 million pairs have been manufactured in Kettering and the business is managed by the family in the fifth generation now as the “Loake Associaton”. To this very day high-quality men’s shoes are made there – some oft hem still by hand – Goodyear-welted in line with good old English crafts tradition. They fuse quality with durability and highest wear comfort. It takes eight weeks to make a pair of these premium shoes that are exported to more than 60 countries. This range includes not only the traditional English Goodyear-welted premium footwear but also other lines produced outside of the United Kingdom.

You can find Loake at GDS in Hall 5 / H10

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Catarina Martins

Catarina Martins

In line with the brand philosophy “Life’s too Short for Naps” Portuguese label Catarina Martins creates exciting low-cut boots for active women. A demand for on-going innovation, attention to detail and dynamic adaptation to the constantly changing market characterise this brand founded in 2003. For the trendy short boots they use hand-dyed and washed leather. Here the designer of the same name attaches great attention to comfort and elaborate detail. The handmade booties are produced in the Porto region of northern Portugal.

You can find Catarina Martins at GDS in Hall 5 / B17 

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Dutch traditional brand Berkelmans looks back on a chequered history: founded by G.J. Berkelmans in 1890, during World War II the firm fitted out the Dutch army and at their height produced over 12,000 pairs of shoes per week. By the mid-70s the company was forced to close reopening later as ‘Berkelmans Schoenfabriek B.V.’. Two young shoe entrepreneurs took on the traditional brand giving the classic styles a modern and contemporary twist. A focus on exciting material and colour combinations as well as smart attention to detail appeals to a younger target group. Traditional skilled craftsmanship is still very much a priority: the hand processed and high-quality men’s shoes are characterised by their good fit and use of high-quality materials.

You can find Berkelmans at GDS in Hall 5 / H10

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Premium Italian brand Raparo looks to traditional skilled craftsmanship, quality and passion. For 20 years now exclusive styles for men and women have been made in Montegranaro, in the heart of the Marche region, one of the most important centres for the manufacture of Italian handmade shoes. With the two brothers Roberto and Paolo along with their wives deep product know-how and skilled craftsmanship are channelled into the family company. The company is now specialised in linking Italian skilled craftsmanship and high-quality materials with the latest technology. For these refined shoes, that are genuinely “Made in Italy”, only high-quality materials like cashmere or satin and the finest leather are used including exotics like crocodile, python and lizard skin.

You can find Raparo at GDS in Hall 5 / D03

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“XPOOOS - The Art of Socks” – the name says it all at this Dutch specialist whose hosiery bears a distinctive design signature. Unusual colour and pattern combinations are the trademark of this high-end sock label from ’s-Hertogenbosch. The three Os in the brand name stand for “original, outstanding and out of this world”. Here quality is as important as artistic design: for the manufacture of the stylish foot attire high-quality yarns are used. Launched in 2014 as a spin-off of a renowned hosiery manufacturer Xpooos quickly developed into a successful and independent company.

You can find Xpooos at GDS in Hall 4 / C41

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Taiwanese shoe brand jR SAM was founded in 2016 for Taigas Inc. and stands for high-quality, handmade women’s and men’s shoes with an innovative and design-oriented focus. The range comprises comfortable sandals for men and women as well as sneakers and casual styles for men – all in real leather and boasting a clean, sleek look and classy feel. The brand name jR SAM is a combination of the initials of the founding family who also play a leading role in the design work. An experimental approach is a top priority here. And this is also the source of their innovative ‘Asymmetrical Balance’ design concept that they will be presenting at GDS.

You can find jR SAM at GDS in Hall 4 / E41

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