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COM – Creation of Minds

Mindfully Designed

Behind the abbreviation COM is the fashionable men’s and women’s shoe label Creation of Minds. Here they carefully mull over designs giving them time to mature – doing so with Italian flair combined with Portuguese skilled craftsmanship. Great wear comfort and an ecological mindset are firmly rooted here in the notion of quality. With the 2017/18 Autumn/Winter collection the company wishes to open up new markets in Europe.

COM – Creation of Minds delivers fashionable men’s and women’s shoes with great wear comfort. Sustainability is important for those behind this brand with a preference for vegetable tanned leather. All linings are chrome-free. The young label was founded in 2015 by Portugal’s Carité Group in collaboration with an Italian agency. And the style reflects this: a combination of Italian flair with Portuguese skilled craftsmanship. And craftsmanship is certainly something Carité knows all about: making styles with qualified shoemakers here for 30 years now.

When it comes to design they look ahead with an approach that is modern, clear-cut and perfectly tailored to the present day. Trends are taken seriously but they are never adopted one to one but rather interpreted in terms of an unmistakable signature style. Ideas are given time and allowed to calmly mature for the sake of individuality. Details are put to the test. Until they are finally perfect they are constantly reassessed and reworked. The high-quality materials are carefully and knowledgably selected. Wear comfort serves as a synonym for quality. The outer soles are flexible while insoles made of soft rubber also add cushioning to the inner soles.

There are two collections per year. For Autumn/Winter 2017/18 reduced retro forms are fashionably “reinterpreted”. Hand-worked finishes make for individual looks. Refreshing lightness is provided by ultra-soft uppers and findings. Different textures highlight the natural flair of leather. Military influences meet with a patchwork of various materials integrating seamlessly into urban life. Elaborate embroidery and butter soft leather give Wild West creations a real update. Ankle boots take on a key role in terms of shape. Vibrant metallic shading excitingly and harmoniously teams with classic autumn tones like black, brown and taupe.

Recommended retail prices range between Euro 150 and 250. In the forthcoming round of orders the company wishes to expand into the European market with the help of renowned agencies – especially into Germany where they see great potential.

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Text: Özlem Agildere
Foto: COM