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Experience meets enthusiasm

Some 50 years ago the through and through Italian family business Fabi started producing exquisite men’s shoes. In the 1990s styles for women were added. Today, the founders and their children jointly foster this fusion of tradition and modernity. The best example of a successful implementation is their patented Flex Goodyear technology. The latest styles will be on show at the forthcoming GDS.

“Fathers come with the experience, children with the energy. Fathers teach wisdom, children enthusiasm. Fathers have laid the foundation, the children create new dreams.” The brand story of the Italian family business Fabi wonderfully summarises the strengths of the founder and following generations. Here tradition and modernity form a whole both in fashion and technical terms. A specialty offered by this company is its patented Flex Goodyear method. It takes 102 individual steps to make a shoe in the classical welted style with enormous flexibility and a soft sole that perfectly adapts to the wearer’s foot.

The styles in the collection designed for the 2017/18 season are described as playful, ultra-stylish and as flexible as dance shoes. And they are available in many colours, as laced Oxfords, college shoes or tried-and-tested monk styles. They are innovative thanks to new clasps or fashionable frills. Fashion highlights include low and high-top crocodile sneakers combined with antique-looking intarsia. Individual colour effects are achieved thanks to a hand finish.

1965 saw the two shoemakers and brothers Elisio and Enrico Fabi with their wives Gina and Vilia start the crafts-based production of men’s shoes boasting classically elegant style and exquisite quality. Their workshop in Montegranaro, located in the heart of the Italian footwear stronghold of Marche, soon burst at the seams. As early as 1972 the firm therefore moved to bigger premises in Monte San Giusto. In the 1980s their “horizon widened even further”, in other words – the international market was developed. In 1993 the ladies’ line Fabi Donna with a cultivated and glamorous fashion statement saw the light of day.

Today, Fabi is managed by the children. Fresh design and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes merge here with proven craftsmanship. To the tune of 340 members of staff are now employed at the company. Shoemakers ­– both masters and journeymen – find it absolutely natural to work manually, with IT and the latest machinery – as required. Each step of the process from the first idea and initial design to development and production takes place at the corporate headquarters.

At the GDS you can find Fabi in hall 5 / F35
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Text: Özlem Agildere
Photo: Fabi